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Brand Identity Development

Complete Branding Suite.

Brand Development

The Ultimate Branding Experience

The Ultimate Branding Experience is the debut of OROZCO Digital Media’s complete branding suite.  Our process grants us the opportunity to work with you one-on-one to cover each aspect of your brand. Branding phases include business analysis, audience analysis, brand positioning, brand voice, creative development, and launching. This high-yield result experience collaboration is designed to walk you through each of the individual branding phases in order to create and deliver a truly authentic and strategic brand identity you and your audience will love.

Our unique process grants us the opportunity to work with you one-on-one to cover each aspect of your brand.

Our Brand Development Process

Phase 1: Business Analysis

This phase covers three key areas: mission, competition, and business environment.
Business Analysis

Phase 2: Audience Analysis

Our audience research fills in the who, what and why of your brand puzzle.
Audience Analysis

Phase 3: Brand Positioning

Positioning determines your point of differentiation and also speaks to the promise your brand makes to its audience.
Brand Positioning

Phase 4: Brand Messaging

Brand messaging is the verbal element of your brand.  They include vision and mission statements, brand name, tagline, and brand positioning statement.
Brand Messaging

Phase 5: Brand Visuals

Brand visuals are the visual elements of your brand and include logo, typography, colors, shape, and the overall look and feel of communications and environment.
Brand Visuals

Phase 6: Brand Launch

Implementation includes communicating the brand position, brand verbal, and visual assets to the internal audience.
Brand Launch and Maintenance

Each unique brand experience extends the underlying process of perfect proportions and is enriched through a highly collaborative in-depth approach, exceptional craftsmanship, and design.

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