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Driven By Passion, Kindness, and Honesty

With over 17 years in the industry, we are proud of being an agency that takes the time to delight our premium brand customers. We partake in our clients’ dedication to their services, products, or talents and commit to using our skills to showcase them in their best light. Our culture is driven by passion, kindness, and honesty. Every member of our team realizes the importance of these qualities and benefits from them too.

We dedicate our time to get to know all the clients we get to work with. The same time in attention to detail is used to deliver elegant digital solutions to those clients. We enjoy partnering with business owners like you, who desire to elevate their business and create an elegant brand that sets them apart and gets them noticed in a BIG way. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and goals.

Our Mission

We bring a unique strategy + design solutions to you to help you stand out in your industry with a clear and compelling brand. We hold the space for you to dream up your ideal business and life dreams, then we help you make them happen.

Our team

Meet Our Amazing Team

OROZCO Digital Media is proud to have partnered with a number of business owners. They become an extension of the agency’s challenge to design and create something truly unique. We absolutely love working with inspired, creative, and amazing team members who are pursuing their own dreams and aspirations.

Olympia Washington Premier Design Agency Owner

Nicci Orozco

Owner + Designer

Miguel Orozco

Owner + Contractor

Rose Bañuelos


Stephanie Person

Social Media Marketing Strategist

Shelly Cone

Press Writer + Journalist

Martine De Luna

Brand Developer

Allow us to showcase you in your best light.

We are suffused with a passion for excellent design, combined with a manner that is friendly and approachable. We’re looking forward to working with you.

Our Services

What We Offer

With an astute appreciation for digital design, we have designed and delivered thousands creative projects. Each project is custom created to showcase our clients in their best light. It is with this precise expression of creativity that our clients become followers and friends with each newly developed brand, website design, and brand construction project delivered.

Brand Design

High-touch brand design solutions that help you stand out in your industry.

Website Design

Brand capturing websites that improve conversion rates, and maximizes revenue.

Digital Marketing

Amplify your brand’s messaging, conversions, and more to propel your business forward.

Brand Renovation

Extend your branding throughout your office with our brand renovation construction.

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We are suffused with a passion for excellent design, combined with a manner that is friendly and approachable. We’re looking forward to working with you.

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