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Use Blogging to Increase Your Salon Business Ten Fold

Use Blogging to Increase Your Salon Business Ten Fold

Chances are, like most small businesses, your hair salon business doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on advertising, and what advertising you do purchase must get results. Blogging, when done correctly, is a low-cost solution that will help you connect with your current customers, reel in new clients, and increase sales for your salon business.

Here are a few things you can do with a blog that will keep your hair salon full and your cash register ringing.

Discuss current hair trends


Blogging about current hairstyle trends can inspire your clients to call you up for a hair makeover especially if you include pictures. Staying on top of hair trends demonstrates that you care enough about your clientele to ensure they are always up to date and your clients will show their appreciation by coming to your hair salon.

Share hair care tips

Extend the value of your clients’ hair appointments by providing them with tips on ways they can keep their hair healthy between salon visits. Writing these tips on a blog allows the customer to read the information when they have time, so no more last minute instructions while they’re rushing out the door. As a bonus, you will be perceived as an expert hairstylist, a perception that will encourage new customers to give you a call.

Post before and after pictures of clients

There’s a reason why makeover shows, such as “How do I Look”, are popular. People love transformations because, secretly, they wish it was them on the show getting that fabulous makeover. Posting your client transformations (with their permission) on your blog proves that you have what it takes to make people look good and your clients will break a nail trying to dial your number as fast as they can. In addition to that, your featured clients will direct friends and family to your website to see their pictures which means more business for you.

Review products

A blog is perfect for promoting the hair and skincare products that you sell in your salon. Post reviews of your products telling clients why you recommend them. If you have the capabilities, you can also sell these products on your website and ship them to customers.
Another way to make money with your blog is through an affiliate relationship with the supplier of your beauty products. Ask your supplier for a referral code through which you can earn a percentage of each sale you make. This option is perfect for salons with very little storage space or no spare time to ship packages as the supplier will take care of those things. You just take care of the check you will receive every month.

Blog about what’s happening at the salon

Got stuff on sale? Give your clients a heads up. You can even post coupons on the blog that they can print out at home and bring them into the shop. Spread the love on your blog. Share with your clientele what is happening in the salon. Did you win an award? Is one of your stylists having a baby? Owning a business is about more than making money. It is about forging relationships. Ask your clients what’s going on in their life and write about them (with their permission, of course). Did someone get a job promotion? Fabulous! Congratulate them on the blog. Add a picture of them in their new hairstyle. The point is to make your clients feel that you care about them which will inspire them to pass your name to everyone they know.

Blog about community news

Even if you have a national chain, show your support for the local community by blogging about local news and events. This is especially effective if your salon is involved in the community event you are blogging about. Going to the local beauty show? Encourage your clients to stop by your booth to say hello.

Blogging is a fun and affordable way to increase your hair salon business. If you have never blogged before, don’t worry, there are hundreds of helpful guides online that will take you from zero to blogging in less time than it takes to do a perm. There’s even help for those of you strapped for time. A freelance writer can help with the bulk of the writing and a web designer can quickly get the blog up and running with a made to match the template that reflects your hair salon. Then all you’ll need to do is have fun.

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