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Influential Website Design for the Beauty Business

Influential Website Design for the Beauty Business

Style is everything in a beauty business today — especially on a website where the product can generally be defined as “looking good.” A site that’s cluttered, outdated, uninformative, or badly laid-out sends the wrong message to your potential clients. Consider what colors are really hot right now and use them abundantly. Look for fresh, vibrant fonts, rather than boring typefaces that won’t set your site apart from the competition.
Images are important in today’s media-driven world. Pictures can tell a story, evoke a mood and excite interest, drawing in casual website visitors, and converting them into enthusiastic visitors. With all of that being said, if your products and services are very much visually-oriented, images are vital.

“Whether you’re running a mail-order cosmetics business or a bricks-and-mortar salon, influential website design is a must-have. “

For a business with beauty at its core, pictures that demonstrate results that your customers dream of are essential. Face and body shots, close-ups on perfect hair or exquisitely-manicured hands, clear eyes blossoming with mascara… a beauty-oriented website needs to tantalize the potential client with images of how good they could look if they made use of your services. Images also play well with search engines, raising your site’s page ranking. Make sure your pictures are tagged with appropriate and relevant keywords.

Consider adding video content to your site. Videos demonstrating how to apply the latest in your range of nail varnishes or giving the prospective client an overview of your spa facilities can really bring your site to life, immediately putting the client in the picture and making them want to be a part of your enterprise.

A good website design expresses the unique qualities of your brand while tapping into universal themes of beauty, health, and fashion.

Influential Website Design
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Responsive website design is a must for today’s websites. This means that your site can be viewed on a range of different devices — not just desktop computers and laptops but tablets and smartphones too. Instead of having a separate mobile version of your site, it’s possible to design your main site so that it automatically adapts to the user’s device. This is perfect for the client who drives by your salon and decides to book herself in for a haircut. If your website is not responsive or mobile-friendly, I can guarantee that you are missing out on potential customers.

Local information is crucial for any real-world beauty business

Without the address of your premises, your customers won’t be able to find your business. Give users your full address, along with directions and best of all an interactive map. What not everyone realizes is that local information is increasingly important from an SEO perspective. Google’s Venice update to its search algorithm puts local content front and center. When someone searches for “beauty salons,” Google automatically takes that searcher’s location into consideration when determining which results to return. If you want your business on the first page, think local. Tag your images and videos with the name of your area and include text that mentions your location.

Follow these tips and you’ll have an outstanding, influential website that draws in clients and boosts your beauty business.

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